• Siddharth Shah

Covid 19, And what after Covid 19!

All you need to know about Covid 19 and what lies after that

94 days back, not only did we welcome a new year, we welcomed a year directed by

Robert B. Weide ( Pun intended). Potentially threatening rumors of WWIII for starters,

Bush Fires to heat things up and hell, someone decided to eat a bat in China and boom,

Covid-19 Pandemic. In these times of fear, insecurity, panic and negativity, my purpose

thru this blog is NOT to further instill fear or blame anyone but, to spill out the truth and

why Us, Humans Are the only ones who can stop such life threatening events or create

even deadlier, nastier ones.

As the world sees it, 2 possible reason emerge out as the start of the pandemic, one

natural and other, man-made one, where humans are at fault, ultimately.

Natural Angle :

First of the 2 reasons of such a deadly viral outbreak is Us, Humans, Its the way it is,

Quite true. A statement from Cambridge University once said, 'The greatest threats to

human species are Man-made & artificial', like artificial intelligence, Global Warming (

No ruling this out), Nuclear war, Rogue Biotech etc. The problem is us, The solution

too, is us! Our ability is protect the earth is as profound as our ability to destroy it! All that

can be done to make the current situation better, all the powers to get that done rests

with us!

Let me make matters about the natural origin of the virus, a bit sensible with help of an

imaginary story. There was once a mother who had 10 children, living in her house as

big as the entire earth. Her 10th child, Sapien, was the most intelligent of all. All children

had their various generation of offsprings & lived happily in that big fat house. Everyone

had their seperate rooms. Sapien though, thought of himself to be above his siblings in

his greed & quest for supremacy, he developed various tools, weapons etc. All the

resources for everyone's need were in the house and mother had distributed them

equally. Mother was peace-loving and desired for everyone to be the same. But sapien,

for his greed, required all the resources for himself and started to have them all for

himself by inflicting damage on his siblings, even killing them. He would exploit all the

resources and also force his siblings out of their rooms and take over them. He'd kill his

sisters in front of her children and enjoy the slaughter. Mother was deeply hurt seeing

this, unable to believe it was beloved son, her blood against her, shedding their blood.

She tried to warn him by shaking, flooding,burning his room, causing some damage. But

sapiens, due to his intelligent advancements would cope with tiny jolts. She then

decided to affect the entire sapien family to teach him a lesson after having enough.

She introduced the tiniest living being in her home into his room, because it was deadly,

and would affect his entire family, transmitting it within themselves, and his siblings

wouldnt be affected by it. Sapien in this story is 'Homo Sapien' that is, Us, Humans,

Nature is the mother, Siblings are Animals, Trees, Oceans, etc. Imagine your

sibling doing that to your mother and you! We are doing exactly that!

Wet as a Market :

(Huanan Seafood Market, Wuhan,China)

A question surely arises, how the heck did this start? Well, there're many theories

surrounding it. Most Common, it originated from a bat. Now, the real problem is us

humans have been so speedily encroaching & destroying wildlife habitats, we're closer

than ever to wildlife & more dangerously, the viruses & bacterias they carry. That Carrier

bat or the pangolin was best left to be in its habitat & there wouldnt arise today's

condition. But alas, someone decided to eat a bat! The epicenter of the outbreak,

Wuhan, China houses one of the biggest seafood markets in the

world, The Huanan seafood market, spanning an estonishing 5,40,000 sq.ft, dont drop

your jaw, you read that right. 5,40,000 sq.ft selling meat, meat and some more meat,

ranging from dogs, bats, donkeys to the exotics like civets, pangolins, foxes, crocodiles,

ostrich etc. Estimated, more than 30 wildlife species are kept in close vicinity. Such

markets are generally referred to as 'Wet' markets in china because of its nature. The

animals are kept alive and are freshly slaughtered upon order. So, there's faeces, Bodily

secretions and a whole lot of blood throughout the entire market, making it one of the

best in terms of Hygiene (Heavy Sarcasm intended). Widespread Illegal wildlife trade is

also one of the biggest contributors to carrying this virus to other areas via carrier

animals. Among first batch of people infected, 2/3rds of them had direct exposure to the

market. Spare a thought and ponder upon the plight of the animals so ruthlessly, yet

surprisingly legally butchered, revered, slaughtered, cut to death, burnt to death,tortured

in the most horrific forms of acts at the demand of a customer, enjoying theslaughter

with a very characteristically uncanny ease within his/her eyes. Humans deserve

the plight we're going through, after what happens in Wuhan, we certainly deserve what

we're going through. Because Now, its payback time!

Enter the Dragon :

(The DRAGON a.k.a China)

Or else, as the emerging theories say, It might be China's Master plan and a plan

executed with great perfection. Many say its a bio-weapon developed by China in its

quest for world supremacy. There've been reports showcasing Chinese doctors

confessing it might be their Government's plan! Many claim chinese whistleblowers

were silenced by the chinese government when they were aware of the gravity of the

situation and knew there was a need to initiate worldwide measures against it. China is

China, afterall, It may well be the fact. USA is now the worst affected countries and that

has happened in a short time. New York alone accounts for several tens of thousands

positive cases! That number clearly indicates the high contagious nature it possesses.

There've have been loads of reports, all fueled by a propoganda. Some reports suggest

Beijing being the mastermind of this and China's closest allies, say, Pakistan & North

Korea haven't been much in the news, despite being dangerously close it China,

Geographically. Also, some fingers raised on how Wuhan, the epicenter coped

with the outbreak so well and contained it as China restores back to Normalcy with

economy restarting. What China has also done, many stating, is Heavily invested in

European & American companies in these dooming economic times, virtually being able

to control them, once the situation returns to normalcy. Reports, dating back to 2019

suggest a possible of breach of policy in an event of spying by a chinese scientist

working for canadian government at Canada's Level 4 Microbiology Lab ( Labs that

carry out research on some of the most deadly pathogens ). (S)he was found

making frequent visits to China's then newly setup only Level 4 MicroB lab in Wuhan.

Some even believe for the virus to originate in Wuhan's that very lab! China also bl-

ocked an order in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that demanded

transparency on the matter using Veto Power. Intriguing. Official chinese numbers of

covid cases are also under radar with the news of over 21 Million phones deactivated

in China and over 8.4 lakh landlines closed in china. Is this still all not connected or an

indication of the real impact on China. And now, most recently, China has detected aro-

und 1500 asymtomatic cases after easing the lockdown. These are mostly the chinese

returning from foreign lands and may trigger a second wave of Corona in China.

New release - Blame Games, Trump Ft. Xi & The Taiwan Angle :

(Worsening ties between a heavyweight & a future heavyweight)

Washington & Beijing's relations are worsening with each blaming each other for plot-

ting the attack. And Washington is definitely not wrong in blaming China, an aspriring

unconventional power. American stock market was blossoming and the Coronavirus has

resulted in absolute freefall. USA has also charged a Harvard Professor & 2 chinese

scientists for their links to helping the chinese government. USA seems genuinely

frustated with the scenario and as a response against China has decided to bring

Taiwan into picture by supporting it at world forums and calling for instrumenting

collective international support to help Taiwan voice its say. Recently, A WHO scientist

cut short his interview when asked about Taiwan & was seemingly uninterested in

answering for Taiwan. Interestingly, Taiwan recently confirmed it had warned WHO

about Human-Human Transmission of Covid on 31st December, 2019. China is a smart,

determined and big guy and rumors of it mounting serious diplomatic pressure on WHO

might not be wrong. China is vastly targeted today for its suspicious initial response to

the outbreak and the misleading info that was reported due to it, also manipulating WHO

on security grounds. Not until 3 weeks into 2020 did china admit human to human

transmission of Covid 19, and WHO suggested against Travel ban/restrictions on China.

One of the reasons USA jumped to 1st on the list of worst affected countries is because

of extensive testing, resulting in massive jump in numbers. USA stated World is paying

price due to weeks long cover-up of the outbreak by china.

WHO(m) to blame? :

(WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus)

Studies by The Guardian suggest if China had reacted a week earlier, number of cases

might have been reduced by 66%. A South China Morning Post states that China's 1st

confirmed Covid-19 case dates back to November 17, 2019. And it was only in January

that China woke up to tacke the issue. But, WHO Director General(DG), Dr. Tedros has

heavily praised China for its efforts in containing the virus also stating China has bought

thw world time to fight the virus. Well, Certainly! Taiwan wasnt heard when it had stated

possible human-human transmission as early as December 31, 2019. In Stark Contrast,

When SARS outbreak took place in 2003, Then WHO DG Dr. Gro Bruntland had dealt

with it very seriously by declaring WHO's first travel advisory in its history. He also criti-

cized China for endangering Human health. Cut to 2019/20. Some say as China's contr-

bution to WHO grew by 52% since 2014 to around $83 Million, is Dr.Tedros is under

spotlight. He was Ex-Health Minister, Ethiopia. China has huge investments in Ethiopia

and. Until few days back, Ethiopian Airlines was operationally flying to China, recent

data unavailable at time of publishing. All this had many pointing out China's bullying

on WHO has played to perfection! China's cover up was well supported by WHO req-

uesting to not impose travel ban/restriction on China. According to all this, WHO seems

at fault on its part, or, it was forced to do so.

Recession and Chinese exception :

IMF recently stated world is facing recession and will affect developing nations with like-

ly exceptions of India & China, without stating clear reasons for the same. China, for su-

re will avoid recession as it begins to kickstart its economy and will manufacturing in

other countries negligible, once demands rises in a few months after containing the

virus, China's the only country exporting! Also, what helps the dragon are it Foreign

Exchange(Forex) reserves worth $3.1 Trillion, most for any country and more than

India's Economy, which ranks 7th on forex reserves at almost $470 Billion. So, China

will bloom. Coming to India, its very skeptical. What was said was possibly only IF we

didnt enter stage 3 prevented the exponetial growth , which unfortunately is maybe

likely, after Nizamuddin Markaz.

Covid in India:

(The SARS CoV-2 or current coronavirus)

At the time of writing, there are 2543 posiitive cases and 71 deaths in India. The growth

still seems to be Arithmetic & and not exponetial yet. Though, our testing rates are not

the very best. Some experts have stated India will enter Stage 3 and there will be wide-

spread cases, and after the Nizamuddin Markaz, the objects in the mirror (might) be

closer than they appear. India 1st reported a case on 31st January and though it may

seem to be going okay, if not bad, our testing rate is quite low. If we ramp up our testing

rates, we may report sharp spikes like USA. The matter of focus though now-a-days is

Nizamuddin Markaz. Around 2,300 people were vacated and with the inside videos of

the markaz made public, we can see social distancing being mocked, inadequate hygi-

ene maintained etc. To estimate the gravity of the situation, Realize the fact that the

Home Ministry called in NSA Mr. Ajit Doval to intervene and ensure the evacuation. A

country's NSA was on Ground to Evacuate attendees or maybe attendees that were in-

structed to be in attendance. Videos of the people quarantined after evacuation also

have gone viral, where they are recorded spitting, abusing, misbehaving with the medi-

cal staff & Docs. No ruling out this fact and their behavior adds on to the misery. Many

are linking it to being an event on Intended Mass Destruction influenced by some

extremist minds as a terror attack. And this is not religious terrorism as Terrorism has no

religion. Spreading hate during these times will only add to our misery, save that for

later. Imagine around 2000+ infected people roaming across the length & breadth of

India, meeting, greeting people. As you read, a massive manhunt is on for Maulana

Saad, Cleric leader, Tablighi Jamaat Markaz, Nizamuddin, In UP and Delhi. India was

fighting, but this events will bring us back to square one and start all over, India won't

back off though, we'll fight and fight till we have won. In this matter of life and death,

India should wake up to a new life, stronger.

Chinese Policy = Determined Aggresion :

(Chinese President ( for life ), Xi Jinping )

People are pointing out the fact that the virus managed to reach Tens of thousands of

Kilometers afar to Europe & the Americas but failed to Breach Beijing & Shanghai.

These are very mysterious and debatable scenarios and we might not have enough

evidence to side either side of the debates. Most of these are theories and the truth is

yet to be discovered. A report though, published recently claims that its proven that the

virus did not originate in lab but, originated naturally. It maybe authentic or maybe its a

fact published under infleunce. And all this politics, you never know whom to trust. The media, the government, you never know. There's a reason why we're not politicians, we are to simple & straightforward for it. Politics is the ultimate game. One thing I feel though, is China wants to be the No.1 economyand Beijing wont stop until it achieves it and it'll do anything to get that done, even it that means killing its own people, Tianmen Square for example. The only country that has the Intent & Ability to pull off an attack in quest for supremacy and that is some Guts. You've got to acknowledege China for its Aggressive Mindset & its amazing ability to put that into practice, despite whatever challenge it comes across, howsoever you'd hate to acknowledge that. I'm not defending China, just appluading its firm decision power and its characteristic ability to fulfill whatever it wishes & desires to achieve, irrespective of the hurdles, and China wont stop even if the hurdles are its own citizens, that's inhumane, for sure, but very determined. Although, what many suggest is China is trying to develop multiple theories conflicting with each other not to create a scenario of an explanation, but to manipalute so very effectively that it creates ideas that make the discovery of truth impossible.

The most important lesson :

(The picture says it all)

So, We're admist a crisis. Tourism industries of many countries will take a massive hit

for some years. Sooner or later, such outbreak was inevitable. Either originating

naturally, due to our Deed, or Artificially originated due to our Greed. What we learn

from this going forward is, habits. Covering our face with masks/handkerchiefs when

we're ill & stepping out from home. Give up our sedentary lifestyle and introduce some

physically demanding tasks in our lifestyle, giving our immune system the much needed

shot. Better eating habits & above all, Personal Hygiene, no compromise. One change

in mindset, Science & only science can solve this problems. All the havans/daan etc will

never help in these conditions. Most religious places like temples, churches, mosques

are closed and they too are depending on science for solutions. Have Faith, not Blind

Faith. This is also a time we realize that the recognition and support our scientists

deserve. Being a scientist one of the toughest jobs in the world & unfortunately, they're

paid peanuts, a very dismal salary figure, and yet, they work day in, day out. And not only

scientists, but for everybody who helps put food in your plate, protects you and lets you

avail all services. On the bright side, Earth is healing. Nature has its own ways of heal-

ing itself. Humans have grown closer to each other and have helped each other in

these testing conditions. Everyone is figuring ways to be happy and help contain this

phase of life. Humanity ain't lost completely.

What next and after?:

(BSE, Dalal Street)

I've compiled all the popular theories in existence and also some events

which probably uphold corresponding theories. We've a situation at our hands. What

can learn from this going forward? One, Respect nature, and use its resources wisely.

Two, China is going to lose a fair bit of international trust and maybe, big economies

would cut down some trade, some sanctions might be on the cards as well, especially

from Europe. China will always deny the claims and if we've enough evidence, An

international diplomatic boycott or opposition of China might be in sight. China is the big

guy though, If there will be any sanctions on it, there will be huge scale implications in

economies like India and could stir Global imbalance. India is heavily dependent on

Chinese exports and hence, it ain't easy cutting dragon loose.So the troubles will for

sure lessen but wont be over as economic impilcations of any sanction.

will be felt. Also, the Markaz issue will have large scale implications and proved to be a

blip in surveillance. Investigations into these matter will, according to many, bring out

truths that will create very hostile situation(s). Also, there are some events you call

'World Changing events'. World won't be the same after it, and I feel this is one of that

kind. I genuinely feel this will have implications of the largest magnitude and trigger

trigger something big, rather this is small event, in the making of the big. This will be

over soon, but its effects won't be. World will NOT forgive & forget Covid-19!.

Ending on a high though:

The best thing about time is that it passes. Make use of this time, indulge in things you wished you had extra time for, Help the needy in your reach. On the other side, Universe awaits Stronger, Smarter, Happier & more Humanly Humans because Humanity has

seen its best times after its worst crisis, for the light at the end of the dark is the bright-

est humanity and earth will ever witness. Stay Safe! Cheers!


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